At Everlearn, we believe that critical reflection is an essential part of our everyday practice.

We encourage staff to reflect throughout the day, in order to be continually thinking about and improving upon their own practice, to ultimately provide the best possible education and care for our children. We believe in acknowledging how biases and beliefs can influence our practice and therefore the importance of being open to putting them aside in order to explore moral, ethical and societal issues in a fair and balanced way.
In order to encourage constant reflective practice at Everlearn:

  • Each educator has a diary that they use to reflect in each day - this may include reflections of the provision they have set out, the effectiveness of a planned or spontaneous activity, or observations on children’s interests and developmental needs. These reflections provide the basis for their future planning.
  • Educators reflect upon our educational program as a team, at the end of each topic. This includes discussions about whether we have effectively explored the children’s area of interest, what the children have gained from the learning experiences, how we have sought input from our families, how we have utilised our educators’ experience, and other relevant topics.
  • We expand upon our knowledge by regularly beginning our staff meetings with a point of reflection. These trigger points of discussion and allow us to professionally explore various topics.
  • We regularly survey the parents and community regarding happening within our centre. Keeping on top of the thoughts of the community allows us to move forward in a positive direction in catering for the needs of everyone.