At Everlearn Preschool we provide a safe and welcoming environment

Our high quality educational programs allow children to explore, experiment, imitate and ask questions to further develop their thinking and problem solving skills. We focus on the wholesome development of the individual child in a faith centred environment which nurtures each child in acquiring a love for learning.

Inspiring Confidence and Bravery

At Everlearn we often have positive comments from Principals and teachers that the graduates of our preschools are confident, independent and brave when they start primary school.

At Everlearn we pride ourselves on the positive and encouraging environment that we create for children. Our educators praise effort and applaud courage when children try something new. All mistakes are considered an opportunity to learn and grow and efforts are praised. Our educators have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of children's development and provide constructive support so that the children can develop competency in different skills through practise and lots of encouragement.

The educators also provide opportunities for children to speak in front of each other so that they gain confidence in speaking to a group.

All our educators model positive language and spend quality time with the children, building a rapport and understanding of each child's abilities and interests because children who feel safe, calm and confident in their environment are ready to learn and reach their potential.

For some great tips on building self esteem check out this article from the Raising Children Network.

AGE 2-3

(Clovelly only)

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