Please ensure that you complete this form prior to providing us with medication to be administered to your child. This form can either be completed at home or at our sign-in kiosk. The medication form must be completed by a listed guardians or authorised person on your child’s account and must match the details supplied in the form.

Prescription medicine

Medication MUST be in its original packaging and clearly labelled with a pharmacy prescription sticker detailing the following:

  • The child’s name
  • The prescribed dosage
  • Medication’s use by date
  • Details of prescribing doctor

Non-prescription medication

In the case of you requesting us to administer non-prescription medication (such as Panadol, saline solution, cold medicine etc) we will require the following:

  • A doctor’s certificate or note confirming that the pre school is allowed to administer this medication.
Please complete all the required details below in full.
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